Explore and dominate space.

DeepSpace is the first play-to-earn blockchain metaverse, where you can create and rule your own civilizations, conquer new lands and explore unknown universes.

Virtual Sandbox

Explore the ever-growing metaverse and create your own civilizations in the first play-to-earn blockchain metaverse.
Solar Systems
Develop your spacecrafts, travel among 7 star systems and interact with advanced civilizations created by our worldwide community.
Emperial Governance
Direct your own course of evolution and navigate your civilization across the metaverse, conquering new virtual assets in the process.

Win valuable assets on Deepspace Battlegrounds

Become the strategic leader of your civilization and expand your empire to an intergalactic scale.

Competing against other players can be a very profitable way to acquire new land, items, commodities and other assets in the DeepSpace metaverse.

You can then trade, rent or sell your assets to the worldwide DeepSpace community.

You can support other empires and earn dividends when their civilization wins wars.

Endless Metaverse Full of Virtual Assets

Collect non-fungible tokens and grow the list of your virtual assets by participating in the growth of Deepspace.
Design, trade and sell state-of-the-art spaceships that can be used to travel across the galaxies of the metaverse.
Earn money on the DeepSpace marketplace by renting, trading and selling your unique virtual assets.

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